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UNEXSO Shark Dive
If you are the type of diver who is always looking for some new type of dive, this is the trip for you. Made for those who like thrills and excitement, our Bahamas Shark Dive takes you to an underwater world that is entirely different from any place you have ever been. This shark dive is a two tank dive that acquaints divers with a world of wild sharks just off the coast of the Bahamas.
The Freeport Shark Dive is lead by the people who pioneered this type of dive trip. Our captains and crew are highly experienced and will be able to lead you on a safe and unforgettable adventure through the deep blue waters of the Caribbean.
Before your trip, you will learn about these fascinating marine predators in a pre-dive briefing. You will learn about many common misconceptions about these too often misunderstood creatures. You will learn all about shark behavior, their biology, their feeding habits, and migration patterns. Then, when it is time for your dive, you will first go on a regular shark dive to the natural habitat of these animals. You will feel completely exhilarated as you swim alongside these large fish.On the second part of your trip, you will be able to actually see the feeding behavior of the sharks in action. Our expert shark feeders will be on hand during this portion of the trip to give the shark some food. To safely regulate the release of the food, the shark feeder will use a spear in order to manipulate the sharks' behavior. You will be extremely close to the sharks but they will be solely interested in the food and not in any of the divers.
From this experience you will grow a newfound appreciation for these stunning sea creatures. Sharks are some of the most feared creatures of the sea but this trip will show you what they are really like.

Dive Highlights

  • A free dive with sharks in the natural habitat
  • Watch as a professional shark feeder gives the shark food
  • Shark wranglers are always on hand
  • One of the most adventurous trips in the Bahamas

UNEXSO Dive with the Dolphins

Take a journey with the only dive trip that allows you to actually dive and swim with our specially trained dolphins. This trip is an exhilarating adventure into the world of these fascinating marine mammals. You do not want to miss your chance for face to face interaction with the Bahamas dolphins.With the beautiful vistas of the Bahamas as your backdrop, this dolphin dive will allow you to swim and frolic with these most friendly of marine creatures. You will be swimming with the dolphins in the wild. Our dolphins are specially trained to follow the dive boat to the dive site. Just before diving you will receive special instruction on how to most effectively interact with the dolphins. You will learn what gestures to do to get the dolphins to perform tricks right in front of you.Once you are diving in the water, you will be able to use the learned gestures to ask the dolphins to perform their tricks right in front of you. You will realize just how intelligent these animals really are. You can do things like hide an object down in the sand and have the dolphin retrieve it for you. Or you can simply hold out your hand and watch the dolphin press its nose to your palm and do several spins.This is definitely one of the most unique diving trips in the Bahamas. You will never forget your experience of swimming in the ocean waters alongside a pod of dolphins. You will see what people mean when they are talking about the intelligence, sociability, and friendly nature of these large sea mammals.

Dive Highlights

  • Actually dive and swim with a pod of dolphins in a natural environment
  • Explore the extensive coral reef gardens of the Bahamas
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with dolphins and watch them perform tricks right in front of you
  • One of the most unique diving trips in the Caribbean!



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